PAP Series Features

High Precision Humidity and Temperature Control over a Wide Range
Operates with Intake Air as much as ±7 ℃ from the Set Temperature

Our heat pump balance control allows operation under wide temperature differences between intake temperature and set temperature that are simply not possible with refrigerant reheating. (Industry top class specifications)
※ Operating ambient temperature range: 15 to 35 ℃

Operates with Intake Air as much as ±7 ℃ from the Set Temperature

Wide Range Achieved

Heat pump balance control and two-fluid nozzle water mist humidification method (not including the "mini") that is completely heaterless.
Temperature setting range of 18 to 30 ℃, humidity setting range: 40 to 75%. (Vapor humidification is used in the humidity setting range of 65 to 75%.The humidity setting range for the "mini" is 45 to 75%.)

Temperature Control Precision: ±0.1 ℃ (during periods of stable load)

The All Fresh guarantees ±0.1 ℃ at the discharge port within the entire temperature control range. (Standard equipped sensor cable length: 10 m, or 5 m for the "mini".)

All Fresh Specifications

Single duct connection for easy installation.
Meets your needs with a supply of class 100 clean air.
Circulation processing also possible (on models that include HEPA filters).