Built-In Intelligent Monitor

Multiple parameter functions are built-in as a result of our continued pursuit of "Ease-of-Use".

ORION Machinery's original, highly user-friendly Intelligent Monitor offers abundant monitoring capabilities.

Temperature Control Type
Temperature Control Type
Temperature and Humidity Control Type
Temperature and Humidity Control Type

Control Panel Detail

  1. Run/Stop Switch
  2. Run Lamp
  3. Alarm Reset Button
  4. Temperature PV/PS Display
  5. Heating/Cooling Indicator
  6. Setting Keys
  7. Humidity PV/PS Display (Only on temperature and humidity control models)
  8. Temperature/Humidity Input Select Key (Only on temperature and humidity control models)

List of Primary Function Keys

[F001] Automatic recovery after power outage option
Selects the recovery pattern after a power outage.
[F002] RUN/STOP Operation Option
Selectively enables RUN/STOP control via the operation panel, remote switch, communication functions, or a combination thereof.
[F003] Alarm Signal Output Options
Determines whether switched contacts are open or closed when an alarm condition occurs.
[F099] Settings Lock Option
This setting locks out changes to temperature and humidity settings.
[F100] Controlled Outlet Air Temperature Warnings
"Detection enabled" or "Detection disabled"

Built-In Self Diagnostics
Of Course Includes Individual Warning/Alarm Indications

Our intelligent monitor displays various monitoring system data. This allows for a quick response when alarm conditions occur or during maintenance.

External Communications Capability

Operation and confirmation of temperature control conditions, etc. are possible with just a single easy-to-connect cable. Built-in support for 3 types of communications standards. (RS-232C, RS-422A, RS-485)

Remote Management of All Air Processing

Centralized, full air processing control that covers the entire factory can be conducted via a remote management PC.

Remote Management