Merits of Localized Air Conditioning

Problems Facing Precision Temperature And Humidity Cleanrooms

Problem 1: Air processing is very expensive.

When conditioning large spaces, generally represented by cleanrooms, where the level of cleanliness must be maintained or in large space where temperature and humidity must be controlled to high accuracy, the level of conditioning is the same for every manufacturing process. Excessive high accuracy air processing must be provided in order to meet the requirements of the most demanding equipment and process within the same room.
And in the same area or cleanroom where high precision air processing takes place, if there are high level equipment and manufacturing processes present, there will also be those of low levels. In order to achieve whole area processing, high precision air processing equipment and a very high capital investment is required.

Problem 2: Huge capital investment is required in order to response to sudden changes to the production environment.

In order to surpass competitors, quality construction is a given. But on top of that, improvement of the quality of conformance, which includes materials processing and assembly inspection, will incur short-term new investment.
To respond to the demands of the sudden change in the manufacturing floor, whole area air processing will also require a very large investment.

Problem 3: Bringing in outside air requires huge maintenance and management costs.

Cleanrooms generally require fresh air to be piped in. The conditions of air processing cleanroom depend greatly on the supply of fresh air flowing in, as well as the ambient temperature and humidity of factory air. The larger the space, the greater the cost and effort that will be required to maintain the same temperature, humidity, and level of cleanliness throughout the year.
Basically, it's hard to say that there can be prudent management of high accuracy temperature and humidity air processing for large spaces like cleanrooms all the way down to the inner spaces of installed equipment involved in the manufacturing process.

Conventional Cleanrooms and ORION's Proposal for Local Air Processing


With conventional factory whole area air processing, in addition to the high costs involved, air processing suitable for all machinery and equipment could not be realized. By managing air processing to the exact requirements of each work process, the scale of excessive high accuracy air processing can be reduced, and the resulting cost reductions can also be achieved.

ORION's Proposal For Energy Saving Via Localized Precision Air Processing

High Quality in Confined Spaces

Spaces containing equipment, production processes, and inspection processes related to semiconductor, liquid crystal, solar panel, and related technologies demand high precision and high stability air processing. With the demands of such whole-area air processing, come extremely high associated expenses and maintenance costs.
ORION proposes a high precision air processing system that produce localized high quality air spaces, while utilizing the least amount of limited energy.

Reduced Maintenance Management Costs and Labor

In whole area air processing, expenses are associated with maintenance management of the entire area, and when trouble arises, it affects the entire factory. In localized air processing, individual air processors can be maintained, thus reducing damage to the entire factory area. Furthermore, repairs and HEPA filter replacement can be done quickly.

Implementation of highly accurate and stable precision air processing is easy.

High quality whole area air processing that provides a high level of accuracy and cleanliness requires large air processing facilities. Localized air processing offers simple, high precision temperature and humidity controlled air.

Implement a precision air processing system suitable for your equipment, manufacturing processes, and space.

Market diversification of workspace demands and other drastic changes require the swift creation of suitable environments. Localized air processing offers a flexible and prompt response to the demands of the production area, including improved temperature and humidity precision and improved level of cleanliness.

Great reductions in facility costs are possible.

By utilizing high accuracy temperature and humidity controlled clean air only in spaces where it is demanded, a great reduction of costs involved with whole area high accuracy air processing can be realized by avoiding waste associated with high accuracy processing where it is not required.