Low Temperature Chamber Energy Savings
Industry First! We've completely eliminated the electric heater thanks to our Heat Pump Balance® Control! Up to 60% energy savings possible!

Previous low temperature chambers represented with PID heater control had the disadvantage of consuming a great amount of power due to the fact that they used an electric heater for heating and control. Because ORION Machinery testing and inspection low temperature chambers are completely heaterless, they offer huge energy savings to which PID heater control units can't even compare.

Low Temperature Chamber Energy Savings
  • For times of temperature rises of +40 ℃, a maximum energy savings of 60% is possible. (Temperature rise capacity is equiv. to that of an electric heater.)
  • Since a temperature control heater is not used at –40 ℃, a 7 to 23% savings in energy can be attained.

Operating Data

Operating State Power Consumption Effective Energy Savings
Old Type
(Refrigeration Unit + Heater)
Heaterless Low Temperature Chamber
(Refrigeration Unit)
Rise to Set Temp
+40 ℃
12.5 kW 5.0 kW 60%
Operation at Set Temp
–40 ℃
4.3 to 5.2 kW 4.0 kW 7 to 23%

What is Heat Pump Balance® Control?

When the set temperature is increased, normally an electric heater would be used to increase the temperature. However, heat produced from the process used to cool air is used for re-heating, and the power of the electric heater becomes unnecessary, which leads to wide-ranging energy savings. A low temperature chamber based on state of the art technology that utilizes the movement of otherwise constantly wasted heat and brings together both energy savings and high precision control.

What is Heat Pump Balance<sup>®</sup> Control?