Warranty Information

ORION products shall be warranted as follows except in cases where there is a special contract or in models with special specifications.
For warranty repairs, please contact the dealer where the product was sold after confirming the product model and serial number.

1. Warranty Period

The warranty period shall be for 1 year from the date of purchase. (2 years for refrigeration circuits)
Note, however, that depending on the model, the warranty period may be based on some upper limit of operating time of the product or one or more individual components.

2. What Is Covered by this Warranty

  • (1) If breakdown occurs within the above warranty period and the cause of the breakdown lies with ORION, then the damaged part(s) will be replaced or repaired by ORION free of charge. Note that depending on the country/region where the product is being used, repairs may take more time or be impossible. Please consult your dealer in advance regarding service and repair options for products operated outside of Japan.
  • (2) In principal, the owner of the product will confirm diagnosis of the breakdown according to the operating manual. However there may be cases where this work is carried out by a member of ORION's service network. In such cases, there will be no charge where the cause of the breakdown lies with ORION.
  • (3) Note that even during the warranty period, there will be costs incurred by the user (outside the warranty) in the following cases:
    • ① Breakdown resulting from operating under unsuitable operating conditions, environment, handling, use, or method of operation outside those written in the specifications or operating manual of the product, or as a result of carelessness or negligence on the part of the user.
    • ② Breakdown resulting from non-ORION equipment (User's own equipment or software design, etc.)
    • ③ Breakdown resulting from repairs or modifications conducted by non-ORION designated contractors.
    • ④ Breakdown which could be recognized as being avoidable in cases where an ORION product is used in conjunction with the user's equipment where the user's equipment is legally regulated to have a safety device whereby inclusion of the safety device could have averted the breakdown, or in cases where the addition of function, structure, etc., could have, according to common knowledge of the industry, averted the breakdown.
    • ⑤ Any breakdown which is recognized as being avoidable, had normal fixed term inspections, and/or normal maintenance and replacement of consumables, been performed as indicated in the operating manual, etc.
    • ⑥ Replacement of consumables (Parts to be replaced at fixed terms or based on inspection.)
    • ⑦ Breakdown due to external factors beyond human control such as fire etc., or breakdown resulting from natural disaster such as earthquake, lightning, storm and flood damage, etc.
    • ⑧ Breakdown due to reasons unforeseeable due to the technological standard at the time the product was shipped from ORION.
    • ⑨ Any breakdown resulting from corrosion caused by operating the product in an atmosphere that contains corrosive gases, organic solvents, chemical solutions, etc., or in an environment where such substances could come into contact with the product.
  • (4) In cases where a separate contract, etc. has been established, that contract will take priority.

3. Warranty Obligation Exclusions

Regardless of the warranty period, compensation for any of the following will not fall under the obligations of this warranty: Any hindrance or accident compensation resulting from reasons not under ORION's obligations; any machine losses, lost profit, secondary losses, damages to non-ORION equipment incurred by users resulting from the breakdown of an ORION product; and any replacement work, readjustment of on-site machinery and equipment, and operating work by users.

4. Product Use Limitations

  • (1) When using ORION products in connection with important facilities, be sure to establish backup and/or failsafe measures so that even in the event of breakdown of such products, such breakdown won't lead to serious accidents or losses.
  • (2) ORION products are designed and produced as general purpose equipment to be used in general manufacturing applications. This warranty does not apply to, nor covers, the following applications. However, in cases where the customer/user takes full responsibility and confirms the performance of the product in advance, and takes necessary safety precautions, please consult with ORION and we will consider if use of the product in the desired application is appropriate.
    • ① Atomic energy, aviation, aerospace, railway works, shipping, vehicles (cars and trucks), medical applications, transportation applications, and/or any applications where it might have a great effect on human life or property.
    • ② Electricity, gas, or water supply systems, etc. where high levels of reliability and safety are demanded.