Vibration Testing Service

Heavy Duty 3-Axis Vibration Testing Platform

Enhanced Reliability Assessment that Promotes Improved Product Durability and Quality

Vibration Testing

ORION Machinery leads the competition by always striving to constantly provide high-reliability assessment technology.
As an example, using our heavy duty vibration testing platform which can reproduce the vibration or shocks that may occur during product transport, we can reproduce the types of vibration that will actually occur on developed products when they are shipped, and confirm that products can withstand such conditions without being damaged.
The ORION Machinery vibration testing platform can simultaneously jog a device in up/down, left/right, and front/back motions, and compared to previous devices that could only perform single-axis testing, ours can provide exceedingly realistic vibration reproduction.

Vibration Testing
Vibration Testing

ORION Offers Improved Confidence in Product Reliability by Using the Latest Vibration Testing Technology! Independent Control of X, Y, and Z Axes.

Vibration Testing
  • Simultaneous 3-Axis Excitation
  • Realistic Vibration Reproduction
  • Does not require repositioning of test target.
Operation Method Electronic Servo Motors
Table Dimensions 1500×1500 mm
Maximum Carrying Load Capacity 500 kg
Excitation Direction 3-Axis [Front-Back (X), Left-Right (Y), Up-Down (Z)] (3 axes can be operated simultaneously or independently.)
Maximum Positional Displacement 64 mm P-P
Maximum Acceleration 44.1 m/s2
Vibration Frequency 3 to 200 Hz (Random wave)
Vibration Wave Shape Sine Wave, Random Wave, Actual Wave

Vibration Testing Service

Our Vibration Testing Platform is Available for Use in the Following Cases (and Others)

  • When on-site vibration testing of heavy equipment is not possible.
  • Reliability and durability assessment/confirmation of vibration-induced damage, etc.
  • When simultaneous excitation in up-down, left-right, and front-back movement is desired.
  • Vibration testing is required that simulates exact vibration conditions that occur during transport.

Vibration Testing Standard Example

Inspection Standard Outline
Japan Domestic JIS Z0200 Evaluation of the vibration or shock that occurs to packaged goods during the distribution process
JIS Z0232 Evaluation of the perpendicular vibration that occurs to packaged goods during the transport process
Foreign Entities ISTA 3A Transport (trailer/van) simulation of packaged goods
ASTM D4728 Inspection based on random vibration applied to transport container

We will meet your specific needs.

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Vibration Pattern Example

Vibration Pattern Example

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