Models Targeted Under the Fluorocarbon Emission Reduction Law

Targeted Model and Scale Inspection Type Inspection Frequency inspection Description
All Models (Equipment that uses fluorocarbons as a refrigerant.) Simplified Inspection At Least Once Every 3 Months Visual and other inspection of unusual noise or vibration, externally apparent damage, corrosion, rust, oil staining, frost occurring on the heat exchanger, and other points of inspection.
Air Processor 50 kW or higher - - Periodic Inspections At Least Once Every Year [To be Carried Out by Qualified Personnel]
  1. Visual Inspection, etc.
  2. Indirect Method:
    Judgment based on the recorded operating state of the equipment, among other points.
  3. Direct Method:
    Checks using foaming agents and fluorescing agents.
    Note: Harm to equipment may occur depending on the constituents of the fluorescing agent used, and therefore understand that ORION does not condone their use.
7.5 to 50 kW Precision Air Processor PAP120 At Least Once Every 3 Years
Refrigeration and/or Refrigerated Storage Equipment
7.5 kW or higher
Air Dryer RAXE7500 or higher models At Least Once Every Year
RAD7500 or higher models
Chiller RKE11000 or higher models ※1
RKL7500 or higher models ※1
OTC20 or higher models

※1 Some models may be exempt from periodic inspections.
※ Please contact your dealer regarding details about compressor output and refrigerant capacity.