Small Accessories

For Dry Pumps

Pressure Gauge

Pressure Gauge Specifications
  • For vacuum and exhaust pressure measurement.
  • Graticule shown in kPa .
  • Lower Connection: A models; Rear Connection: D models

Vacuum Controller

Vacuum Controller Specifications
  • Used to adjust the degree of vacuum on a dry pump.

Pressure Controller

Pressure Controller Specifications
  • Used to adjust of the degree of exhaust pressure on a dry pump.

Oil Separator (For intake air)

Oil Separator (For intake air) Specifications
  • Helps prevent oil-related trouble by collecting oil droplets during intake.
  • Mist cannot be collected.

Water Separator

Water Separator Specifications
  • Helps prevent water-related trouble by collecting water droplets during intake.
  • Water vapor cannot be collected.

Filter (For intake air)

Filter (For intake air) Specifications
  • In order to prevent trouble due to foreign matter entering the dry pump, a filter is installed on the pump intake side to filter out dust and dirt.

Oil Mist Removal Filter

Oil Mist Removal Filter Specifications
  • Removes oil mist from the intake air.

Exhaust Carbon Removal Filter

Exhaust Carbon Removal Filter Specifications
  • Removes carbon particulate from the exhaust air.

For the Side Channel Blower

Air Filter

Air Filter
  • Install an air filter to prevent foreign matter from entering your equipment.

Relief Valve

Relief Valve
  • If the blower pressure exceeds its specified value, then motor overload can occur and the blower may fail to operate properly. Install a relief valve to protect against such trouble.