Oil-Free Vacuum Pump KCPH SeriesContinuous operation over the full range is possible thanks to our built-in scroll rotor

Built To Order

Degree of Vacuum
1 to 101.2 kPa or higher
Motor Output
1.5 to 3.0 kW
Flow Rate
0 to 59.3 m3/h
  • Ultimate Vacuum of 100 Pa [abs] or Lower
    Degree of Vacuum: 101.2 kPa or higher
KCPH Basic Model Dry Vacuum Pump
  • Scroll Rotor
    Scroll Rotor
  • 32,000 h Maint. Cycle
    32,000 h
    Maint. Cycle
  • Continuous Attainable Operation
    Continuous Attainable Operation
  • Full-Range Vaccum
    Full-Range Vaccum
Compact Design

Low-lying design for easy fitting into other equipment.

Oil-Free & Long Life

Clean exhaust air that doesn't dirty your work environment with oil.
32,000-hour overhaul cycle.
(Requires maintenance every 8,000 hours. Refer to the instruction manual for details.)

Comes Standard Equipped with Intake Filter
KCPH30-V(Include Parts)

Intake Filter: VF30-02

  • Connection Size: Rp 1/2
  • Filtration Degree: 5 µm
  • Filter Element Material: Polyester
KCPH60-V(Incl. with Unit)

Intake Filter: VF100-02

  • Connection Size: R1 1/4
  • Filtration Degree: 5 µm
  • Filter Element Material: Polyester


KCPH30-V-01A-50/60※1 KCPH60-V-01A-50/60※1
Motor Output kW 1.5 3.0
Flow Rate (50/60 Hz)※2 m3/h 29.0/29.7 58.0/59.3
m3/min 0.48/0.50 0.97/0.99
Ultimate Vacuum Pa[abs] 100 or lower
Operating Noise Level (50/60 Hz)※3 dB 74/75 79
Piping Connection Size※4   NSPC 1/2 R1 1/4
Mass kg 57 185
Motor Rated Voltage And Frequency※5 Three-phase 200V-50/60Hz 220V-60Hz 230V-60Hz
Output, Number of Units   1.5kW・4P×1 Unit 1.5kW・4P×2 Unit
Specifications   Top Runner compliant, high efficiency motors
Working Environment Place of Installation   Indoors
Allowable Ambient Temperature 5 to 40
Allowable Ambient Humidity %RH 30 to 70
Operable Elevation ※6 m 1000 or lower
Accessory (Sold Separately)   Intake filter Intake filter
(Incl. with Unit)
  1. Models for 50 Hz and 60 Hz regions are different.
  2. The flow rate is the theoretical value based on the designed pumping capacity. Please confirm the actual flow rate on the Discharge Air Curve Chart.
  3. The attainable value is the actual value measured at 200 V, however this is not a guaranteed value.
  4. NPSC1/2 has a thread pitch very similar to that of Rc1/2, and therefore R1/2 threaded connections can be used.
  5. The allowable intermittent power supply voltage fluctuation range is +10% of the specified voltage and the allowable sustained supply voltage fluctuation range is ±5% of the specified voltage
  6. Please consult with ORION if the product is to be operated at an elevation above 1000 m.