Two-Stage Side Channel Blower KCPL The single cylinder two-stage construction achieves maximum flow rate and high pressure.

KCPL160-B-06A / KCPL200-B-06A /

Maximum Exhaust Pressure
Up to 53 kPa (60 Hz)
Motor Output
Up to 6.6 kW (60 Hz)
Maximum Flow Rate
Up to 305 m3/h(60Hz)
  • Rotor
  • Low Noise
    Low Noise
  • Inverter
  • Long Life
    Long Life
  • Dry Slide
    Dry Slide


Model Standard Model
KCPL160-B-06A KCPL200-B-06A KCPL260-B-06A
Motor Output kW 3.0/3.6 4.0/4.8 5.5/6.6
Flow Rate (50/60 Hz) ※1 m3/min 2.7/3.2 3.3/3.9 4.3/5.1
m3/h 160/190 195/235 260/305
Continuous Exhaust Pressure (50/60 Hz) ※2 MPa(kPa)  0.051(51) / 0.045(45)   0.050(50) / 0.045(45)   0.048(48) / 0.053(53) 
Operating Noise Level (50/60 Hz) ※3 dB 72/75 73/75 70/72
Piping Connection Size   G2 1/2 G3 G3
Mass kg 43 50 63
Motor Rated Power Supply /
Frequency ※4
  Three-phase 200/350 V, 50 Hz, 200V/220V/350V/400V-60Hz
Output / No. of Poles × No. of Units   3.0/3.6kW·2P 4.0/4.8kW·2P 5.5/6.6kW·2P
Specifications   IE3 class high efficiency motor
Installation Environment Installation Location   Indoors
Permissible Ambient Temp ※5 0 to 40
Permissible Ambient Humidity   65 ±20%
Operable Elevation ※6 m 1000 or lower
Included Parts   Safety Valve
Optional Equipment   Intake Filter / Air Muffler (Intake Silencer)
  • The flow rate is the theoretical value based on the designed pumping capacity. See the Power Graphs for the actual flow rate.
  • Indicates the upper limit of exhaust pressure under sustained blower operation. Do not operate the blower above this limit.
    Doing so can reduce the lifespan of the blower and may result in breakdown or an accident.
  • Value is the noise level when using an ORION motor.
  • The allowable intermittent power supply voltage fluctuation range is ±10%, and the allowable sustained supply voltage fluctuation range is ±5% of the specified voltage.
  • There may be a high pitch sound if the ambient temperature is near 0 ℃ when starting, but such noise will go away after a short time and does not indicate abnormal operation. If the high pitch noise continues for more than 30 minutes, consult with your dealer or a qualified repair person.
  • Please consult ORION regarding operation at altitudes higher than 1000 m.


Applicable Model Intake Filter Air Muffler
(Intake Silencer)
KCPL160-B VF150-01/02 NPP40
KCPL200-B VF250-01/02 NPO50
KCPL260-B VF500-01/02 NPO65
  1. In order to remove foreign matter, always install and operate an intake filter (one of the available accessories) with the Side Channel Blower.
    Failure to operate with an intake filter can lead to trouble from particulate clogging within the close tolerance internal parts of the product.
  2. The above-mentioned intake filter, air muffler and other products are general-purpose items that can work with other devices and will require a bushing or other part to adapt to the required connection diameter. Please contact us for details.