Basic Model KCP Oil-Free Blower Operates up to 0.15 MPa (115 kgf/cm2) making it the optimum blower for many kinds of automated machinery and other applications.

KCP100D-B-01A / KCP150D-B-01A /
KCP250D-B-01A / KCP100D-BH-01A

0 to 0.15 MPa (150 kPa)
Motor Output
3.7 to 7.5 kW
Flow Rate
Up to 5.1 m3/min
  • Uses high efficiency twin rotors that can attain 0.15 MPa with a single stage.
KCP100D-B-01A KCP250D-B-01A
  • Rotor
  • Low Noise
    Low Noise
  • Inverter
  • Long Life
    Long Life
  • Dry Slide
    Dry Slide
  • Easy Operation
    Easy Operation
Optimum Critical Pressure for Air Blow
Can achieve maximum nozzle air speed (to the speed of sound.)

At 0.09 MPa, vapor blown out of the nozzle can attain the speed of sound. No change in flow velocity above 0.09 MPa.

Cost-of-Air Visualization

Cost-of-Air Visualization

Operating Pressure Upper Limit

Operating Pressure Upper Limit
Energy Saving & Long Lifespan
Energy Saving Points

Are you working with depressurized factory air (0.69 MPa)?

[Upgrade from Factory Air]
Air compressors compress air to approximately 1/8 of the starting volume and yet use a lot of energy. If the terminal pressure of air is being reduced to 0.1 MPa on the line before use, then we recommend that the pump be replaced with a KCE blower.
Please contact ORION for basic energy saving examples.

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Long Lifespan

Greatly Extended Overhaul Cycle

The only consumable part is the sliding seals, so the useful product lifetime is long.

Long Lifespan


Standard Model High Pressure Model
KCP100D-B-01A KCP150D-B-01A KCP250D-B-01A KCP100D-BH-01A
Motor Output kW 3.7 5.5 7.5 5.5
Flow Rate (50/60Hz)※1 m3/min 1.6/2.0 2.6/3.2 4.3/5.1 1.6/2.0
m3/h 96/117 158/192 256/308 96/117
Continuous Exhaust Pressure (50/60Hz)※2 MPa 0.1 or lower 0.1/0.06 or lower 0.15
kPa 100 or lower 100/60 or lower 150
Operating Noise Level (50/60 Hz) ※3 dB 78/81 79/81 84/85 78/81
Piping Connection Size   R1 1/4 R1 1/2 R2 R1 1/4
Mass kg 150 175 225 175
Motor Rated Power Supply / Frequency ※4   Three-phase 200 V 50/60 Hz, 220 V 60 Hz
Output / No. of Poles × No. of Units   3.7 kW / 2P × 1 Unit 5.5kW / 2P × 1 Unit 7.5kW / 2P × 1 Unit 5.5kW / 2P × 1 Unit
Specifications   Top Runner compliant, high efficiency motor
Installation Environment Installation Location   Indoors
Permissible Ambient Temp ※5 0 to 40
Permissible Ambient Humidity   65 ±20%RH(JIS Z8703)
Operable Elevation ※6 m 1000 or lower
Included Parts  
  • Hour meter
  • Intake filter
  • Air muffler
  • A-type pressure gauge
  • Pressure controller
  • Bushing
  • Hour meter
  • Intake filter
  • Air muffler
  • A-type pressure gauge
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Connection piping set
  • Hour meter
  • Intake filter
  • Air muffler
  • Gauge
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Connection piping set
Optional Equipment   Casters, Delivery filter Delivery filter Casters, Delivery filter
Inverter Control   Yes
  1. The flow rate is the theoretical value based on the designed pumping capacity. See the Power Graphs for the actual flow rate.
  2. Indicates the upper limit of exhaust pressure under sustained blower operation. Do not operate the blower above this limit.
    Doing so can reduce the lifespan of the blower and may result in breakdown or an accident.
  3. Value is the noise level when using an ORION motor.
  4. The allowable intermittent power supply voltage fluctuation range is ±10%, and the allowable sustained supply voltage fluctuation range is ±5% of the specified voltage.
  5. There may be a high pitch sound if the ambient temperature is near 0 ℃ when starting, but such noise will go away after a short time and does not indicate abnormal operation. Please contact ORION if the noise continues longer than 30 minutes.
  6. Please consult ORION regarding operation at altitudes higher than 1000 m.