PAP-L Low-Temperature Air-Cooled Precision Air Processor Can Cool 35 ℃ fresh air down to 8 ℃


Air Processing Capacity
5 to 7 m3/min
Temperature Setting Range
8 to 18℃
Temperature Control Precision
PAP-L Low-Temperature Air-Cooled Precision Air Processor


  • Heater cooling
  • Precooling for desiccant air processors


Performance Possible Temperature Setting Range ※1 8 to 18
Temperature Control Precision ※2 ±2
Maximum Cooling Capacity (50/60 Hz) ※3 kW 7.0
Rated Processing Air Flow m3/min 5 - 7
Maximum External Static Pressure (50/60 Hz)※8 Pa 200
Environmental Conditions Ambient Temp and Humidity Range (Intake air only)※1 ℃, % 15 - 35, 30 - 70
Temperature Gradient at Intake ℃/h Within ±1
External Dimensions (HxDxW) ※4 mm (1358×1100×600)
Product Mass kg 195
Controlled Air Outlet Port (O.D.) mm Φ150
Power Specifications Power Supply ※5 V(Hz) Three-phase 200 ±10% (50/60)
Power Consumption ※6 kW (4.7)
Electric Current ※7 A (17)
Power Supply Capacity ※7 kVA (6.5)
Operation Control Method Inverter speed control + Hot gas bypass control
Refrigerant R410A
Chiller Compressor Output kW 1.7
  1. The temperature control range noted does not necessarily indicate the actual possible controllable range. The actual controllable temperature range will differ depending on the air flow and the temperature and humidity of the intake air. For cooling only. The temperature setting must be lower than the temperature of the air at the inlet port. The compressor will cycle ON and OFF during times of low loads. The condition of the 8 °C outlet temperature is when the load is less than the cooling load stated in comment *3.
  2. Values indicated are for when the intake air temperature and pressure are stable and when the ambient temperature is in the range of 15 to 35 °C, at one point of the discharge port, and indicates the display precision of the controller. Note that this does not include times of light cooling load when the compressor is cycling ON and OFF.
  3. Conditions of the cooling capacity calculation are as follows: Air flow: 5 m³/min. Outlet temp. and humidity: 8 °C, 100%. (Enthalpy: 5.92 kcal/kg.) Inlet temperature and humidity: 35 °C, 65%. (Enthalpy: 22.68 kcal/kg.)
  4. Height includes discharge port.
  5. Source voltage phase unbalance should be less than ±3%.
  6. Maximum value within the range of product specifications.
  7. The figure noted is when the product is operating at the highest capacity of its normal operating range.
  8. The external static pressure is when operating under the following conditions: the blower fan operating frequency is 60 Hz, the controlled air outlet port shutter is fully open, and the controlled air discharge-side restricted air flow is 7 m³/min.
  • All ducting should be insulated and ducting length should be kept as short as possible. (5 m or shorter recommended.)