PAP-D Dehumidifying Water-Cooled Precision Air Processor The Series that Offers Both Precision Air Processing AND Dehumidification


Air Processing Capacity
3 to 12m3/min
Temperature Setting Range
18 to 30℃
Humidity Setting Range
20 to 40%
※Does not support humidification.
Humidity Control Precision
±0.2℃ / ±2%
  • Instant dehumidification and precision air processing.

Special Order Product
Noise Reducing Intake Duct / Circulation Intake Chamber
Exhaust Chamber

Table of Special Order Items Here

  • Please contact ORION regarding custom built models with specifications outside the ranges listed herein.
PAP-D Dehumidifying Water-Cooled Precision Air Processor
  • Intelligent Monitor
    Intelligent Monitor
  • Heat Pump Balance Control
    Heat Pump Balance Control
  • Capacity Control
    Capacity Control
  • HEPA Filter (F Type)
    HEPA Filter (F Type)
  • Air Cooled
    Air Cooled
  • Water Cooled
    Water Cooled
  • Temperature Control
    Temperature Control
  • Humidity Control
    Humidity Control


Can instantly cool 30℃, 55% fresh air down to 23℃, 28%!

Achieves defrost-free performance relying on the refrigeration cycle only, with an indusrty top-class dew point of 3.5℃.

Powerful Dehumidification

The PAP-D Series: Precision Air Processing AND Dehumidification Combined

Precision Air Processing AND Dehumidification Combined
Of Course Heater-less! And Compressor Speed Control for Energy Savings as much as 65%!

Once the set humidity is attained, compressor speed conrrol takes over for energy savings.


  • Pharmaceutical and Supplement Filling Processes
  • Rust and Condensation Prevention for Precision Electronic Parts
  • One-Pass Dry Booth Powder Mixing, etc.
  • Analysis and Measurement in Low Humidity Environments
  • Low Humidity Storage of Adsorption Materials and Samples
  • Prevention of Moisture Adsorption in Highly Functional Films


Water Cooled
Performance Possible Temperature and Humidity Setting Ranges ※1 ℃,% 18 to 30, 20 to 40
Temperature and Humidity Control Precision ※2 ℃,% ±0.2, ±2 (Does not support humidification.)
Possible Controlled-Air Dew Point (Lower Limit) ※3 3.5
Maximum Cooling Capacity ※4 kW (4.1) (6.8) (11.0)
Heating Capacity ※5 kW (0.3) (0.7) (1.1)
Rated Processing Air Flow m3/min 3 to 5 6 to 8 10 to 12
Maximum External Static Pressure ※10 Pa 500
(Air processing capacity: 3 m3/min)
(Air processing capacity: 6 m3/min)
(Air processing capacity: 10 m3/min)
Pa 100
(Air processing capacity: 5 m3/min)
(Air processing capacity: 8 m3/min)
(Air processing capacity: 12 m3/min)
Environmental Conditions Ambient Temp and Humidity Range (Intake air only) ※1 ℃, % 17 to 35, 30 to 70
Temperature Gradient at Intake ℃/h Within ±1
Humidity Gradient at Intake %/h Within ±5
Cooling Water Temp Gradient ℃/h Within ±3
External Dimensions (HxDxW) ※6 mm (1310×820×661) (1610×1150×660) (1860×1200×900)
Product Mass kg (210) (330) (450)
Controlled Air Outlet Port mm Φ150 Φ200 Φ200
Cooling Water Rate of Supply ※11 m3/h 2.0 2.7 3.0
Supply Temp Range 5 to 32
Supply Pressure MPa 0.69 or lower
Inlet/Outlet Pressure Difference MPa 0.2 or higher
Connection Port Size Rc3/4
Electrical Specifications Power Source ※7 V(Hz) Three-phase 200 ±10% (50/60)
Power Consumption ※8 kW 0.7 to 2.6 1.1 to 3.9 1.5 to 4.7
Electric Current ※9 A 10.7 16.6 19.5
Power Supply Capacity ※9 kVA 4.2 6.3 6.9
Operation Control Method Heat Pump Balance Control (Super Reheat Spec. Models)
Refrigerant R410A
Chiller Compressor Output kW 1.7 3.0 3.0
  1. The temperature and humidity control ranges noted do not necessarily indicate the actual possible controllable ranges. The actual controllable temperature and humidity ranges will depend on the temperature and humidity of the intake air.(This product does not include a humidification function.)
  2. Values indicated are for when the intake air temperature and humidity, and supply water temperature and flow rate are stable. Controller display precision at a single discharge port location. Over-dehumidification may occur depending on operating conditions.
  3. The attainable dew point will depend on the condition of the intake air.
  4. Value is the maximum stand-alone capacity of the built in evaporator.
  5. Value indicates the difference in capacity between the built-in heater and evaporator.
  6. Height includes the discharge port.
  7. The maximum allowable source voltage phase imbalance is ±3%.
  8. Minimum and maximum values are when operating under the specified operating ranges.
  9. Maximum value within the range of the product's specifications.
  10. The eternal static pressure at the controlled air outlet side when the blower fan is operating at 60 Hz, and the product is operating at the prescribed air flow.
  11. Maximum value within the range of the product's specifications. When the cooling water temperature gradient is 6.5 ℃.