Glovebox and Dry box System Improvement with a Localized Low-Humidity Space and Energy Saving Design


Temperature Setting Range
23 to 27℃
Humidity Control Precision
Box Volume
90 to 1500 L
Operating Dew Point Range
-60℃ or lower
  • System Enhancement by Meeting User Demands
  • The chamber itself can meet any design requirements and affords separation from dry air supply equipment.
Dry Glovebox System
※ Photo: Dry Glovebox System


Application Examples

The best choice for precision temperature and humidity management required in the constant temperature rooms, constant humidity rooms, and cleanrooms used in laboratories or testing facilities, to factories, universities, research facilities, etc.

  • Biological and Pharmaceutical Research
  • Electrostatic Inspection
  • Small Lithium-Ion Cells
  • Electrolyte Injection Process for Capacitors
  • Test Research Facility
Inspection Processes on Inspection Production Lines
Inspection Processes on Inspection Production Lines