Dehumidifiers for Rental Markets
Stackable Series
Being equipped with large casters

Built to Order


  • Thanks to the reinforced frame, it is possible to stack and store them.
  • With large casters


Dehumidifying capacity (50/60 Hz)※1 ※2 L/h 1.4/1.6
Operable temperature range 1 ~ 40
Power specifications Power source V Single phase 100±10% 50/60 Hz
Electric current※1 A 6.2/7.2
Power consumption※1 kW 0.62/0.73
Power capacity kVA 1.0
Equipment details Compressor kW 0.5
Condenser, Evaporator Forced air cooled fin and tube type
Blower W 10
Air capacity m3/min 8/9
Refrigerant controlling method Capillary tube
Refrigerant R407C
kg 0.4
Defroster Defrost thermostat
Humidity regulator Optional
External dimensions (H × D × W)
(Two-storied external dimensions)
mm 970×495×565
Product mass kg 47
Protecting devices Compressor Over current relay
Refrigerating circuit High pressure switch
Accessories Drain Water Tank 17 L Tank (Includes over-fill prevention device)
Power cord With plug 5 m
Operation sound level※3 dB 55/58
  1. The value of dehumidifying capacity is based on 30 ℃ of suction air temperature and 80% of relative humidity.
  2. The dehumidifying capacity is 95% or more of the indicated.
  3. The sound level is the value measured 1 meter away from the front and 1 meter high.
  • With large casters. (Front: Frame, Behind: Tires (Φ150)).
  • Two-storied storage frame.
  • Overturn-prevention should be implemented in case of two-storied installation.
  • Optional: Humidistat