What are Commercial-Use Dehumidifiers?

When it comes to materials storage and the like, humid air can be your worst enemy. With ORION's very diverse lineup of compact to heavy duty dehumidifiers, we can propose the perfect model for any application.

Product Categories

Application Examples



  • Drying of concrete or wooden buildings
  • Drying of tiles, pottery, dyed goods and others
  • Drying of onion seed, noodles, pasta and so forth
  • Drying of wet furniture with paint or varnish
  • Drying of clothes and shoes at sports facilities


  • Storing metal or resin materials
  • Storing canned food, galenicals and clothes
  • Storing fruits and bulbs
  • Preventing carton box from the change of shape by humidity
Production Processes

Production Processing

  • For various manufacturing processes like photo albums, plywood coating, dried food packaging, mixing cosmetic substances, and sealing of seasonings and condiments
  • For cultivating mushroom
  • Dehumidifying in food producing plants


  • Dehumidifying of attic space
  • Humidity control of three coordinate measuring rooms
  • Humidity control of die machining plant
  • Humidity control of computer/server room
  • Stable operation of copy machine