Heat-Cycling Thermostatic Chamber Thermal Reliability Testing, Accelerated Life Testing, Limit Testing

Operable Temperature Range
-40℃ to +80℃
Temperature Precision
±1 ℃(Outflow temperature, under no-load, stable condition)
Cooling Capacity
2.0 kW (when at –40 ℃)
Heating Capacity
16 kW
(Heater capacity: lower when the cooling unit is operating)
Temperature Fall Time
30 min (+25 ℃→ –36 ℃or lower, no load)
Temperature Rise Time
20 min
(+25 ℃→ +72 ℃or lower, no load, when the cooling unit is operating)
Cooling Unit
Water cooled, 7.4 kW, R-404A refrigerant
  • Short-term cooling/heating required for semi thermal-shock testing is possible in a single device.
  • Reliability testing that includes heat stress, and accelerated life testing for estimated failure rates are possible.
Heat-Cycling Thermostatic Chamber