Choose by Type of Chiller

The final decision about the appropriate model choice of chiller and unit cooler should be made based on tests of the operating environment and operating conditions. Note that too much or too little cooling or heating capacity can result in poor operation with the target machine. When choosing a chiller or unit cooler, complex calculations based on piping head and temperature differentials of circulating water and coolant are needed, however the choice can be made easily by simply entering some values and checking some boxes on our easy-to-use form below.

Selected Models

A choice can be made from the models below. Please inquire about models not listed here.

Water TankProduct NameCooling Capacity (50/60 Hz) (kW)Working Liquid Temp Range
Water Temp Control Precision
Built InRKS-J2.2/2.5 or 4.9/5.315 to 35±2
Built InRKS-JM1.3/1.5 to 4.9/5.35 to 40±0.1
Built InRKED7.9/8.7 or 29.2/31.45 to 35±0.5
Built InRKE Compact DC Inverter2.7 to 8.75 to 35±0.1
Built InRKE-B Heavy Duty DC Inverter12.2 to 48.0 or 74.4 to 96.03 to 35±0.1
Built InRKE-A Heavy Duty AC Inverter57.0 or 60.0 or 70.4 to 96.05 to 35 (Air Cooled)
15 to 30 (Air Cooled)
NoneRKS-F0.59/0.62 to 4.3/4.655 to 25-
NoneRKL-D7.9/8.5 to 25.0/27.15 to 30-