RKS-GM Compact Chiller With Water Tank (Water Cooled) The RKS Series mid-grade water cooled functionality has evolved into a compact and easy-to-use chiller.


Cooling Capacity
Operable Ambient Temperature Range
5 to 40 ℃
Operable Liquid Temperature Range
5 to 35 ℃
Temperature Control Precision
  • Electronic expansion valve control gives temperature precision to ±0.1 ℃.
  • High head pump (30 mor higher) STANDARD!
    • 20 m on RKS750G, 50 Hz models.
  • Compact
(Left) RKS750G-MVW (Right) RKS1500G-MVW
(Left) RKS750G-MVW (Right) RKS1500G-MVW
High Capacity Water Tank/Frame Construction
Sheet Metal Construction of External Surfaces

Sheet metal constructed exterior that can withstand the long life of this chiller.

Frame Construction

A sturdy construction that gets its rigidity from its frame design.

High Capacity Water Tank

The 10 L high-capacity water tank is designed to deal with fluid temperature fluctuations better.

Operate and Check Operating Details via PC
Communications Method
Communications Method

USB: 1 Unit, RS-422A: 32 Units

Items that can be controlled via PC:
  • Starting and stopping of individual chiller units.
  • Individual operation of chiller discharge pumps.
  • Liquid temperature control of individual chillers.


Performance Cooling Capacity (50/60 Hz)※1 kW 2.2/2.5 4.9/5.3
Heating Capacity (50/60 Hz)※5 kW 0.6/0.7 1.2/1.4
Operable Ambient Temperature Range 5 to 40
Operating Liquid Temperature Range 5 to 35
Cooling Water Operating Pressure MPa 0.05 to 0.2 / 0.3 (50/60 Hz) 0.1 to 0.5
Control Precision※4 ±0.1
Min. Operating Circulation Rate (50/60 Hz) L/min 10 (Head: 20/30 m) 12/21 (Head: 50 m)
Electrical Specifications Power Source※2 V(Hz) Three-phase 200±10%(50/60) Three-phase 220±10%(60) Three-phase 200±10%(50/60) Three-phase 220±10%(60)
Power Consumption※1 kW 0.9/1.1 1.1 1.8/2.2 2.2
Electric Current※1 A 3.9/3.7 3.7 6.7/7.2 7.2
Power Capacity※3 kVA 2.0 3.9
Breaker Capacity A 10 15
Operation Control Method Electronic expansion valve capacity control
Equipment Specifications Refrigeration Compressor Construction Hermetically sealed rotary type
Output kW 0.85 1.8
Condenser Plate type heat exchanger
Evaporator Construction Plate type heat exchanger
Material SUS316 (Brazing: Cu)
Discharge Pump Construction Cascade type
Output kW 0.25 0.4
Water Tank Capacity L Approx. 10
Refrigerant R-410A
External Dimensions (HxDxW) mm 615×500×375 933×590×375
Mass (Dry mass) kg 55 85
Operating Noise Level (50/60 Hz)※6 dB 59/62 64/65
  1. Operation under the following conditions: Chilled water temp.: 20 ℃, ambient temp.: 25 ℃, discharge pump operating at maximum flow rate. Cooling capacity is at least 95% of the noted value.
  2. The source voltage phase unbalance should be within ±3%.
  3. The figure noted is when the product is operating at its maximum rated capacity.
  4. When the current load is continuously within ±10%, and the ambient temperature is stable. Not valid during during restart.
  5. Maximum heating power when: Chilled water temperature: 20 ℃, ambient temperature: 25 ℃, discharge pump and head at maximum capacity. Power will change depending on operating conditions.
  6. Operating noise levels are from a position of 1 m in front of the product and at a height of 1 m.
  1. The recommended liquid (chilled water) for use in this product is clean water or a 30% to 40% solution of industrial-use ethylene glycol. Use Aurora Brine or Nai-Brine Z-1 industrial-use ethylene glycol. Alternatively, if conditioned water is used, then it should have an electrical conductivity of at least 1 µS/cm. Note that there will be a 10% drop in cooling capacity if using a low-concentration 30% to 40% ethylene glycol solution.