RKE Heavy Duty AC Inverter Chiller (Air Cooled / Water Cooled)

RKE18000A-V / RKE18000A-VW

Cooling Capacity
57/60 kW (Air Cooled)
57/60 kW (Water Cooled)
Operable Ambient Temperature Range
-5 to 43 ℃ (Air Cooled)
2 to 43 ℃ (Water Cooled)
Operable Liquid Temperature Range
5 to 35 ℃
Temp Control Precision
±0.5 ℃ during stable load.


Operates with a maximum energy savings of 57%

These Orion chillers respond to work loads using the least amount of energy. (※)

  • Compared with HB control models running at a 30% load
Highly Precise liquid temperature control possible.

The chiller senses the liquid temperature and adjusts the compressor speed accordingly, thus achieving liquid temperature precision control of ±0.5 to ±1.0 ℃. (Precision is subject to work loads. Please consult your dealer if high precision control is demanded)

Wide range of liquid temperature control.

Wide range of liquid temperature control.

Comes with built-in communications interface as standard equipment.

Allows temperature control via RS232C or RS422 interfaces.


See the following page for application examples using our heavy duty AC inverter chillers.
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Air Cooled Water Cooled
RKE18000A-V RKE18000A-VW
Cooling Capacity (50/60 Hz)※1 kW 57/60
Operable Ambient
Temperature Range
-5 to 43 2 to 43
Operable Liquid
Temperature Range
5 to 35
Control Precision ※4 under high precision setting ±1.0 (±0.5 during stable load.)
under energy-saving setting ±1.0 (±0.5 during stable load, ±2.0 during ON / Off cycle mode)
Power Source※2 V(Hz) Three-phase 200±10% (50/60), 220±10% (60)
Power Consumption
(50/60Hz, 220V)※1
kW 25.5 / 28.0, 28.0 23 / 25, 25
Electric Current
(50/60Hz, 220V)※1
A 82.2 / 89.8, 89.8 72 / 80, 80
Power Capacity※3 kVA 35 32
Breaker Capacity A 125※7
Compressor Output kW 3.0, 7.46
Condenser Fin and tube forced air cooling Double pipe water cooling
Construction Plate type heat exchanger
Material SUS316 stainless steel (Brazing: Cu)
Output kW 3.2 (Inverter driven)
Flow Rate※5 L/min 200 (Head: 50m)
Fan Motor Output W 750 × 2 (Inveter driven) -
Water Tank Capacity L Approx. 160
Refrigerant R407C
Charged Amount kg 6.1, 5.2 3.6, 3.4
External Dimensions H mm 1800 1580
D mm 960
H mm 1720
Unit Mass (dry weight) kg Approx 660 Approx. 610
Operating Noise Level※6 dB 69 60
  1. Operation when liquid temp is 20℃, ambient temp is 32℃, and cooling water temp 32℃. Cooling capacity is at least 95% of listed figures.
  2. Source voltage phase unbalance should be less ±3%.
  3. The figure noted is when the equipment is operating at the highest capacity of its normal operating range.
  4. Stable load indicates continued operation with maximum load fluctuations of ±10% of the current load. (However, this is excluding loads is in the range of 25 to 40%.) Setting can be changed by adjusting parameter F15. (Default setting is the high-precision setting)
  5. Please operate with a head of 50m or less.
  6. Operating noise levels are from a position of 1m in front of the unit and at a height of 1m.
  7. Unit comes with a built-in multi-purpose overload and short circuit protection earth leakage breaker.
  1. Please install the included strainer (40 mesh) to the liquid intake port.
  2. The recommended liquid (chilled water) that can be used is either clean water or a 30 to 40% industrial-use ethylene glycol solution. Alternatively, if deionized water is used, it should have an electrical conductivity of at least 1µS/cm.
  3. Heat output from the product (in kW) is about 1.3 times the cooling capacity. (Air Cooled only.)
  4. RKE18000A-VW model is a built to order item.

External Dimensions

  1. Put the signal lines and communication cables for respective wirings through the holes separate from the power cord hole.


Cooling Capacity Diagram
Chilled Water Flow Rate
RKE18000A-V / RKE18000A-VW
  • Internal (return side) Head Loss: 0.7m or less.
RKE18000A-V / RKE18000A-VW
Cooling Water Flow Rate (for condenser)