RKE Heavy Duty AC Inverter Chiller (70.0 to 96.0 kW)

RKE22000A-VW / RKE30000A-VW

Cooling Capacity
70.0 to 96.0kW
Operable Ambient Temperature Range
2 to 43℃(Water Cooled)
Operable Liquid Temperature Range
5 to 35
Temp Control Precision


Achieves up to 57% Energy Saving Control

Orion chillers respond to work loads using the least amount of energy.

  • Compared to hot bypass systems at 30% load.
High precision liquid temperature possible using ORION's original technology.Patented

The chiller senses the liquid temperature and adjusts the compressor speed accordingly, thus achieving liquid temperature precision control of ±0.2 to ±1.0 ℃.

  • May fluctuate due to load conditions. Therefore, please consult with us if the higher level of precision is required.
Wide Ranging Liquid Temp Control Possible

The adjustable liquid temperature control range is 15 to 30℃.

External communications interface included as standard equipment.

Allows temperature control via RS-232C or RS-422 interfaces. (RKE22000A-VW only)


See the following page for application examples using heavy duty AC inverter chillers. Have a look!


Water Cooled
RKE22000A-VW RKE30000A-VW
Performance Cooling Capacity (50/60 Hz) ※1 kW 70.0/73.0 96.0
Operable Ambient Temperature Range 2 to 43
Operating Temperature Range (Liquid temp) 15 to 30
Control Precision ※4 High precision setting of ±1.0 ℃ (or ±0.5 ℃ during periods of stable load).
Energy saving setting of ±1.0 ℃ (± 0.5 ℃ during times of stable load, or ±2.0 ℃ during compressor ON-OFF operation).
Electrical Specifications Power Source ※2 V(Hz) Three-phase 200±10% (50/60), 220±10% (60)
Power Consumption ※1 kW 38.0/40.0、40.0 43、43
Electric Current ※1 A 125/128、128 126、126
Power Capacity ※3 kVA 50.0 54
Breaker Capacity A 175※6
Equipment Specifications Chiller Compressor Output kW 7.5+7.46 7.5×2
Condenser Double-pipe water cooling
Evaporator Construction Plate type heat exchanger
Materials SUS316 stainless steel (Brazing: Cu)
Discharge Pump Output kW 3.2 (Inverter drive) × 2 units
Flow Rate L/min 400 or higher (Head: 50 m)
Water Tank Capacity L Approx. 250 Approx. 320
Refrigerant R407C
External Dimensions (HxDxW) mm 1700×1240×2050 1700×1340×2350
Mass (Dry mass) kg 1100 1420
Operating Noise Level (50/60 Hz) ※5 dB 61 62
  1. Operation when liquid temp is 20 ℃, ambient temp is 32 ℃, and cooling water temp is 32 ℃. Cooling capacity is at least 95% of listed figures.
  2. The source voltage phase balance should be within ±3%.
  3. The figure noted is when the product is operating at its maximum rated capacity.
  4. Stable load indicates continued operation with maximum load fluctuations of ±10% of the current load. (Excluding cases where the electronic capacity control valve cycles ON and OFF.)Settings can be changed through parameter setting F15. (Default setting: High precision.)
  5. Operating noise levels are from a position of 1 m in front of the product and at a height of 1 m.
  6. Comes standard with a built-in multi-purpose earth leakage breaker for overload and short circuit protection.
  1. Please install the included strainer (40 mesh) to the fluid intake port.
  2. Note 2: The recommended liquid (chilled water) for use in this product is clean water or a 30% to 40% solution of industrial-use ethylene glycol. Note that there will be a drop in cooling capacity of 10 % if using a 30 to 40 % ethylene glycol solution. Alternatively, if conditioned water is used, then it should have an electrical conductivity of at least 1 µS/cm.
  3. The above two models are built-to-order items.

External Diagram

External Diagram


Cooling Capacity Curves / Cooling Water Flow Rate
(For the condenser)
Cooling Capacity Curves / Cooling Water Flow Rate (For the condenser)
Chilled Water Flow Rate
Chilled Water Flow Rate