High Precision Water Temperature Controller
Pel Thermo® (Water Cooled)
Temperature Control and the Most Compact Design in the Industry

ETS101 / ETS202

Cooling Capacity
104 to 232W
Control Precision
Temperature Control Range
10.00 to 50.00℃
  • Uses Peltier temperature control.
  • 0.1 °C temperature control precision (or 0.01 ℃ on our special-order model) possible using thermoelectric cooing and heating in the industry's most compact design.
  • Ideal for applications related to semiconductors, liquid crystal, optical discs, or bio-applications, and others.
  • The power and heating/cooling units are combined in a single package.


ETS101 ETS202
Performance Operating Fluid Water
Temperature Control Range 10.00 to 50.00
Control Precision ±0.1 (when under no load and operation is stable)※ ±0.01 available by special-order.
Control Method Thermoelectric cooling / PID control auto-tuning, 4-digit digital display (smallest display unit: 0.01 ℃), control temperature sensor: Pt100Ω
Cooling Capacity (50/60 Hz) ※1 W 116/104 232/220
Circulating Load (Head) Water Bearing Pressure: 0.2 MPa, flow rate: 5 L/min (5.9/9.0 m)
Operable Ambient Temperature Range 2 to 35
Outlet/Inlet Connection Rc3/8
Electrical Specifications Power Supply V(Hz) Single-phase 100 (50/60) Single-phase 200 (50/60)
Maximum Operating Current A 5.5 5
Power Supply Capacity kVA 0.6 1
Breaker Capacity A 10
Cooling Water Water Flow Rate L/min 3 to 10
Water Bearing Pressure MPa 0.4
Connection Port Rc3/8
Wetted Parts Material Circulating Water Special Graphite, PP, NBR, POM
Cooling Water Special Graphite, POM, NBR
Protection Devices ※2 Alarm: 1. Open circuit on Peltier module; 2. Short or open circuit on Pt100Ω sensor; 3. Abnormal radiated heat (power supply and heat exchanger); 4. Temperature upper/lower limit alarm.
Configuration Power Supply Unit Cooling Unit Power Supply Unit Cooling Unit
Model ETS101-DR-B-G1 ETS101-N-G1 ETS202-DR-B-G1 ETS202-N-G1
Mass kg Approx. 4.3 Approx. 9.5 Approx. 5.5 Approx. 10
Set Mass kg Approx. 13.8 15.5
External Dimensions (HxDxW) mm Power supply unit (ETS101/202-DR-B): 127×340×150
Cooling unit (ETS101/202-N): 262×340×150
  1. Set temp: 20 ℃, cooling water flow rate: 5 L/min, process water flow rate: 5 L/min.
  2. Operation will continue only when safety device 4 is activated. Activation of other safety devices will result in shutdown.