Temperature Control Device for Chemical Solutions /
Chemical Pel Thermo®
(Water Cooled) (No Water Tank)
High Precision, Direct Temperature Control for Chemical Solutions

ETD and ETN Series
〔Power Supply Unit〕
ETN23A-N / ETN45A-N / ETN90A-N /
〔Cooling Unit〕
ETD232-SA-A-G2 / ETD452-SA-G2 /

  • The power supply unit and cooling unit are sold as a set.
Cooling Capacity
: Approx. 280 to 920 W
Control Precision
Temperature Control Range
15 to 50℃
  • 0.3 MPa Water-Bearing Construction
  • Control temperature sensor can be built into the cooling unit.
    (By special order)
  • Extension connection cable is available.
    (Optional item)