Accessories(Unit Cooler RKS/RKL)

  • ○:Optional equipment
  • ●:Available by Special Order
  • ×:Not compatible
  • Standard:Standard configuration
No. Requirement Specification Options Applicable Model
Requirement 1 Requirement 2 Requirement 3 Requirement 4 RKS
(no water tank)
(no water tank)
1 Cooling liquid temperature range Deionized water
(up to 1μS/cm)
Wetted parts are copper-free
2 Operable liquid temperature range High liquid temperature 10 to 30℃   ※14 Standard
3 Power source
(Using a transformer)
380V 50/60Hz    

400V 50/60Hz    

415V 50/60Hz    

440V 50/60Hz    

480V 50/60Hz    

4 Pump speifications※1 Pump pressure
(at pump outlet )
Flow rate
(at required pressure)
Within specified range   Standard Standard
Over specified range   × ×
5 Casters※5 With stopper 2 swivel casters  
4 swivel casters  
With leveling foot 2 swivel casters   ×
4 swivel casters  
6 Custom coating
  15μm min.   Standard Standard
30μm min.※6  
45μm min(salt-air protection)
7 Installation environment Indoors     Standard Standard
IP-X3 equiv.     Standard
IP-X4 equiv.     ×
Packaging for export※9    
clean room※10    
8 External signal Operation signal No-voltage contacts   Standard Standard
Voltage output(200V)  
Warning signal No-voltage contacts   Standard Standard
Voltage output(200V)  
Remote operation(alternate(continuous)input only) No-voltage contact input Extension length max. 20m Standard Standard
max. 100m
Voltage input(DC24V) max. 20m
Voltage input(AC200V) max. 100m
9 Blackout, power-cut-off recovery operation Manual recovery     Standard Standard
Automatic recovery ※15   Standard Standard
10 Circuit breaker Leakage breaker    
Over current breaker    
11 Piping fixtures Chilled water outlet/return ports With gate valve Specify size
Cooling water inlet/outlet ports(Water cooled models) With gate valve Specify size ×
12 Temperature Precision ±0.5℃     ×

±2.0℃     Standard Standard
13 Display lenguage English    
Japanese and English    
14 Leak detector installation      
15 With anchor bolts Stainless steel or steel    
16 Multi-Directional Vent User installed    
17 Test manual Lapanese    
18 Test results chart Japanese    
19 initial inspection      
20 With eyebolts       ×
  1. Cooling capacity reduced only by the amount of heat generated by the pump.
  2. Comes standard on RKS1500F models.
  3. Not equipped with eye bolts, so must be moved by forklift.
  4. Protection rating is equivalent to that of the chiller unit.
  5. RKL-5500-D and RKL-7500-D models shipped by ta charter truck in Japan.
  6. External screws are SUS.
  7. External screws are SUS, and the condenser and refrigerant piping are coated with polyurethane.
  8. Refrigerant piping is coated, but this coating is not guaranteed.
  9. Crated in plywood.
  10. These models are equipped with a leakage sensor, insulated refrigeration piping, and insulated water piping. (Particulate not taken into consideration.)
  11. Available with non-water-tank RKE models.
  12. RKS750 and RKS1500 models are available with non-water-tank RKE models.
  13. Copper alloy is used for wetted parts on standard units.
  14. Available with RKS1500 only.
  15. Selectable by parameter setting.
  16. Regarding color, specify JPMA No. or Munsell No. from sample chart.