Company Profile

Company Name ORION Machinery Co., LTD.
Founded November 3, 1946
Representative Director and President Tetsuro Ohta
Head Office 〒382-8502 246 Kōtaka, Suzaka-shi, Nagano-ken
Head Office Tel. 026-245-1230 (Main Switchboard)
Net Sales ¥58.9 billion ※ As of March 2022
Capital ¥100 million
Employees 2,512 (consolidated) ※ As of March 2022
Group Companies 22 Companies (Including foreign companies)
Primary Banks Hachijuni Bank, Shoko Chukin Bank, Mizuho Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Norinchukin Bank, Naganokenshinren

Main Products

Precision Air Processors

With the key phrase being "Covering everything from whole-area air conditioning to localized air processing", ORION offers new technology unmatched in the world: the PAP Precision Air Processor Series with Heat Pump Balance Control.

Precision Air Processors
Precision Air Processors
Vacuum Pumps

The history of the ORION dry pump started in Japan with the oil-free rotary vane vacuum pump. Thanks to its reduced noise and longer life, the dry pump has been indispensable in automation and labor-saving applications, playing an active and wide-ranging role for every kind of industry. In recent years, we were the first in the industry to release the inverter controlled oil-free vacuum pump.

Vacuum Pumps
Vacuum Pumps
Chillers & Dehumidifiers

Devices to heat or cool target heat sources through the circulation of fixed-temperature controlled water. A chiller and water supply equipment (water tank or pump) combined into a single unit in order to meet the needs of every application. Dehumidifiers are active in various industries from food-related businesses to service industries.

  • DehumidifiersDehumidifiers
  • Chiller with Built-In Water TankChiller with Built-In Water Tank
Compressed Air Related Equipment

For a supply of clean air that meets your needs that is also energy-saving, and oil and water separation treatment of compressed-air drain. Drain processing is good for the environment and also eliminates water-related trouble in pneumatic equipment.

  • Heatless Air DryersHeatless
    Air Dryers
  • Inverter-Controlled Refrigerated Air DryerInverter-Controlled Refrigerated
    Air Dryer
Temperature Test Chambers

Meets wide-ranged needs from small-lot production of many products to mass production based on high precision temperature and humidity control used in cutting edge fields such as semiconductors, LCD, crystal industries, as well as the necessity of reliable technology and quality, even for components that must correctly function under extreme operating temperatures.

  • Tester Equipped Turntable-Style Thermostatic ChamberTester Equipped
    Turntable-Style Thermostatic
  • Constant Temperature and Humidity Testing EquipmentConstant Temperature and
    Humidity Testing
Jet Heaters

From concrete curing at construction sites to heating of factories or school gyms and auditoriums, etc. This Eco Heater is used in a wide range of applications, offers noise-reducing combustion technology, and is environmentally friendly due to its ability to provide heat with low fuel requirements.

  • Infrared Heater KagayakiInfrared Heater
  • Portable Space Heater Jet HeaterPortable Space Heater
    Jet Heater
Precision Temperature Regulators

Achieves high precision and speedy temperature control of liquids or air. While obviously used in semiconductor and FPD production processes and testing apparatuses, it also meets needs in every kind of high-precision temperature control need such as those found in scientific and analysis equipment, etc.

  • High Precision Water Temperature Controller Pel ThermoHigh Precision Water Temperature
    Controller Pel Thermo
  • Precision ChillerPrecision Chiller
Dairy Equipment

In addition to our automation systems being compatible with every type of dairy farming management system used in Japan, with our "before-and-after" installation support, we also strive to help dairy farmers achieve a high-profit diary farming business that offers high efficiency, low manual labor and high quality milk production.

  • Automatic Milking Robot MIoneAutomatic Milking
    Robot MIone
  • Automated Milking Unit Transport CarryRoboAutomated Milking Unit
    Transport CarryRobo


Office Locations in Japan

Chitose Factory, Chitose Training Center 1051-16 Kamiosatsu, Chitose City, Hokkaido,
Kōshoku Factory 1291 Ōoaza Yashiro, Chikuma City, Nagano Pref.
Tochigi Factory 2989-10 Miygawajōnai-machi, Tochigi City, Tochigi Pref.
Technical Research Institute 1-25-20 Wakasato, Nagano City, Nagano Pref.

Head Office and Factory Access Map

Head Office and Factory
Head Office and Factory
Panoramic View of Head Office and Factory
Panoramic View of Head Office and Factory