Privacy Policy

Regarding Personal Information

ORION and our group companies are very conscious of the importance of protecting of your personal information and our commitment to protecting your personal information is based on the policy outlined below.

1. Regarding the purpose of use and sharing of personal information

  1. 1) ORION and ORION Group Companies will use personal information it receives for the following purposes:
    1. a) To make contact in response to requests for information
    2. b) To have documentation such as invoices, etc. delivered or to facilitate visitation
    3. c) ORION and its Group Companies may provide such information in order to provide the following information.
      • Information about our products
      • Information regarding service or maintenance
      • Information regarding scheduled maintenance
      • Information regarding product showings, marketing campaigns, etc.
  2. 2) ORION will share this information with ORION Group Companies.

2. How we gather personal information

  1. 1) ORION and ORION Group Companies will obtain personal information through legal and just means.
  2. 2) ORION and ORION Group Companies may obtain personal information via registration for documentation download or e-mail newsletters, product inqueries, technology-related inquiries, repair or maintenance contacts, seminar applications, responses from advertisements in publications such as newspapers or magazines, contacts from various exhibition events, etc., or answers to surveys or questionnaires.

3. How we manage personal information

In order to safely manage personal information, in addition to thorough training of our employees, including those of our group companies, ORION has taken strict security measures as part of our commitment to avert the dangers of improper penetration, alteration and disclosure, etc. of personal information stored in our information database.

4. Regarding dissemination of personal information to third parties

  • ORION and its group companies will release information to subcontractors in order to provide repair and maintenance services.
  • ORION will not provide personal information to third parties without the express consent of the owner of that information except in cases referred to in the preceding point or when otherwise required by law.

5. Regarding the disclosure of personal information or the suspension, etc. thereof

Please contact us through the contact information below for inquiries or requests regarding the disclosure of personal information or to stop the disclosure of such information, etc.

Contact Information
ORION Machinery Co., LTD., General Affairs Division