Management and Product Quality Policies

Long-Term Management Policies

Meeting the Challenge of “Creating the World’s No.1 Products”

Our Basic Management Objectives

1. Reliable management without discrimination

2. Perfection of the individual and products

3. Management gathering wisdom from all company staff

The Three Principles of Management

1. Sincerity and a heightened sense of accountability

2. Exacting sensitivity and heightened creative power

3. Conviction of being the best and a heightened fighting spirit

Quality Policy

Striving to make products that move you.

Our customers have high expectations regarding product quality, cost, and service.
Faced with these expectations, at ORION, we set our sights even higher than those, work to achieve good results, and provide these results to the customers. In this way, our customers are moved.
In order to achieve these goals...

  1. To achieve high-quality systemization of development, production, service through feedback gained from business reporting.
  2. To develop human resources with top-notch specialized abilities that also possess keen sensitivity along with a high-level challenging spirit.

These two points are absolute requirements.
The long-term advancement of these activities combined with ORION's quality policy comprises the vision that will lead us to the future.