Our "Monozukuri" (Manufacturing) Traditions

We are accepting the challenge of the "Skill Olympics", which encourages the passing down of outstanding techniques to young people that are our future.

In order to hand down technical skills from skilled workers to young technicians and improve product quality as well as customer satisfaction we have taken on the challenge of the "Skill Olympics" since 2008 with the aim of elevating Japanese "monozukuri" technology. The ORION Group established our "Monozukuri Training Course" in 2009 and since our first participation in the 2009 All-Japan Skill Olympics held in Ibaraki Prefecture, we have been taking part every year. This year will be our 12th time participating.
In 2022, 3 of our participants came away with prizes in "Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology". (1 Silver Prize, 1 Bronze Prize, 1 Prize for Excellence)

60th All-Japan Skills Competition

Silver Prize, Bronze Prize, Prize for Excellence

November 4 to 7, 2022
Venue: Chiba Prefecture

58th All-Japan Skills Competition

About the Skill Olympics

What Are the Skill Olympics?

The Skill Olympics is a competitive event sponsored by the Japan Vocational Ability Development Association (JAVADA) where young technicians aged 23 and under put their skills to the test. The purpose of the event is to appeal to the young engineers who will lead us into the next era, in particular, appeal to them the importance and necessity of technical skills, and to give them a feeling of the value, preciousness, and beauty of "monozukuri" and technological skills.
In this competition, competitors from all over Japan who won qualifying tournaments in their own regions will face heated competitions in their specialty from a wide range of areas such as machine assembly, automotive sheet metal and electronic component assembly, building construction and carpentry, flower arrangement, etc.

What it Means to Participate in the Skill Olympics

Participation in the Skill Olympics and industry-based education of young technicians is linked to the restoration of the great monozukuri nation of Japan and her competitive improvement. (By handing down technical skills.) Also, the technicians that participate in the Skill Olympics will, on the one hand, grow their technical ability by pitting their skills against one another, and also experience mental growth with regard to real-world work. Furthermore, there is also an connection to the growth of the senior coworkers who foster the young competitors, thus bearing out a virtuous cycle of learning and teaching. Through the systematic cultivation of this foundation, it is possible to hand down these comprehensive technical skills. In these ways, through participation in the Skill Olympics, we can foster excellent technicians, and hand down comprehensive technical skills. This has all contributed to the improvement of the quality of the products made by ORION Machinery.

Field Introduction

Piping Connection Work
To the Nagano Prefecture Vocational Ability Development Association Technical Skill Development Center's Piping Connection Details Page

Award Recipient List

Event Award Recipient
2009, 47th event held in Ibaraki Air Conditioning Category: 1 winner
2010, 48th event held in Kanagawa Air Conditioning Category: 4 winners
2011, 49th event held in Shizuoka Air Conditioning Category: 5 winners, Factory Wiring: 1 winner
2012, 50th event held in Nagano Air Conditioning Category: 6 winners, Factory Wiring: 1 winner
2013, 51st event held in Kanagawa Air Conditioning Category: 2 winners
2014, 52nd event held in Nagoya Air Conditioning Category: 2 winners
2015, 53rd event held in Chiba Air Conditioning Category: 6 winners
2016, 54th event held in Yamagata Air Conditioning Category: 5 winners
2017, 55th event held in Tochigi Air Conditioning Category: 6 winners
2018, 56th event held in Okinawa Air Conditioning Category: 4 winners
2019, 57th event held in Aichi Air Conditioning Category: 5 winners
2020, 58th event held in Aichi Air Conditioning Category: 3 winners
2021, 59th event held in Tokyo Air Conditioning Category: 4 winners
2022, 60th event held in Tokyo Air Conditioning Category: 3 winners