Environmental Practices

Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Policy

Environmental Philosophy

To protect the environment, the singular and irreplaceable home of mankind, the Earth.

Environmental Policy

  1. Production development in harmony with the environment
    Our goal is to engineer and develop products for our customers that encourage environmental harmony by saving resources and energy.
  2. Compliance with environmental laws and regulations
    Our company pledges to abide by all established environmental laws and regulations, and our ultimate goal is to exceed established industrial and governmental standards for environmental protection.
  3. Continuous improvement of our environmental management system
    ORION's environmental conservation activities outlined in our yearly report of goals and targets are continually improved upon by our entire employee base.
  4. Education and Enlightenment
    We will achieve company-wide understanding and cooperation with these environmental goals by all employees through a program of continuous education and review. We will also endeavor to convey the many benefits of our company's environmental policy outside the company.

The ORION Environmental Initiative

The ORION Environmental Initiative

Orion Machinery Co., Ltd. received ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management Systems (EMS) on March 29, 2002 for its Head Office-Factory
ORION is driven to reduce the burden on the environment by effectively applying our Environmental Management System, and also by continuing "product development that is in harmony with the environment".

Environmental Management Efforts Through Material Reduction

Each division at ORION conducts planning and other activities toward environmental management based material reduction as part of our commitment to environmental consciousness.
We are currently taking assertive efforts to completely phase out the 10 RoHS control targets in our newly developed products. Please inquire for details.