* The History of ORION
1946 Founded Kyoei-Seiki Seisakujo and Co Ltd.
Started in the manufacturing of gears.
1957 Developed and marketed the first Japanese Milking Machine.
1959 Developed and marketed the Unit Cooler for milk storage.
1965 First Japanese Dry Pump developed and marketed.
Industrial Heater developed and marketed in Japan.
1966 Company name was changed to "Orion Machinery Co.,Ltd"
1968 Industrial Unit Cooler developed and marketed.
1969 Head Office and Main Plant moved to Kotaka in Suzaka City.
1970 First Japanese Air Dryer developed and marketed.
1973 Chitose Plant in Hokkaido established.
1983 First in the world to develop and market the In-Line Test Chamber.
1984 Research Center established in Nagano City.
Koushoku Plant established in Nagano City.
1985 Automated robotic processing line for Dry Pump completed.
Marketing Office building in Tokyo established.
1987 Super Line Milker marketed.
1989 Marketing Office building in Osaka established.
1991 Thermal Fresh marketed.
1996 Marketing Office building in Nagoya established.
Taiwan Orion Industry Co.,Ltd Founded.
ISO9001 certified.
Orion Hong Kong Co.,Ltd Founded.
1997 Training Center building established in Suzaka City.
1999 Start of reorganization into "Company system."
Robotic milker developed and marketed.
2000 Orion Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd Founded.
2002 ISO14001 certified.
2003 Auto Unit Carry (Carry Robo) marketed.
Dongguan Orion Machinery Co., Ltd. Founded.
2006 Tokyo Marketing Office moved to Hacchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
2008 Precision Air Processor "PAP" series marketed.
Starting Monozukuri-juku (developing highly-skilled young workers).
2011 Inverter vane-less vacuum pump marketed.
Global Training Center established.
2012 Orion Training Center in Fukuoka established.
Orion Machinery Asia Co., Ltd. in Ayutthaya, Thailand founded.
2013 GEA Orion Training Center in Chitose, Hokkaido established.
2015 Orion Machinery North America LLC founded.
Wins first gold medal at National Skills Competition in Japan.
2016 MMD500 (Milk Meter Detacher for cow) certified by ICAR.
Wins gold medal at National Skills Competition in Japan, also all prize.